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Ducting services are important parts of your daily healthier life. Because it prevents the health issues caused by not cleaning properly HVAC systems like asthma, dust particles, pollen, nasal congestion, and respiratory problems and allergies. Things may go worse if there are smokers, dogs, cats or any pets in your home. You might not have knowledge, your ducted HVAC system functions as respiratory problems for you and your family. When it is infected, contaminated and congested, it must be cleaned to eliminate any health problems for your family and to make the system run efficiently
• Your rooms air quality will be improved
• Qualified professionals will clean your AC system
• Comprehensive and quality AC service
• customer satisfaction is our top priority
• Our team is available all time for 24/7
• Best quality & eco-friendly equipment
• Quality services at a competitive rates
• With high humidity levels and intense heat, our UAE climate provides the ideal setting for bacteria to flourish in HVAC ducts.
• These can lead to dangerous air pollutants that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.
• Air duct cleaning should be carried out regularly every year, by a professional FM GROUP company. If you didn’t remember the last time when you had duct cleaning carried out in your living place or workplace, you can take an appointment with FM GROUP today.
• FM GROUP is among the few Air Systems Cleaning Specialists in Dubai.
• Our home professionals technicians use a specialized air duct cleaning and disinfection systems. we guarantees mold-free air ducts for all AC ducts including Air conditioners, ventilation and exhaust ducts.
• Our HVAC cleaning service reduces the risk of indoor air pollution that are causing of respiratory allergies in the UAE.
The same air is cycled through your AC system 5 – 7 times an hour. When this happens, dust, pollens, mold and particulates in the ducts become part of the indoor air. We use precision cleaning equipment that guarantees the highest level of sanitation, removing a wide variety of these pollutants.
FM GROUP staffs are trained to provide the highest level in maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial properties. We offer the perfect in market air duct cleaning service, and the most competitive annual maintenance contracts.
Additionally, we provide contract-free services across all our HVAC maintenance work, moving and packing, plumbing, and electrical repairs. With a growing list of high profile clients and customer satisfaction, FM GROUP is your leading AC duct cleaning and home maintenance company in the UAE especially in Dubai.

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